Top 10 Astropay Casinos 2023

Incepted in 2009, AstroPay comes in as a great payment method for online gambling. Punters seeking alternative casino payment methods other than bank transfers can tap into it. Online casinos accepting AstroPay offer their customers a secure online payment solution that is both swift and easy to use.

Although considered among the most popular payment methods in online gambling transactions, India and South America have the highest number of casinos that accept AstroPay.

If you are meeting AstroPay for the first time, worry not; by the end of this article, you will be well acquainted with all that is vital regarding AstroPay casinos; astropay payments, astropay casino bonuses, and other perks that come with it.

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Which are the Best Astropay Casinos in India?

Even though Astropay is a popular payment method, not all online casinos accept astropay. Therefore, it is advisable to always double-check with an online casino to verify if it accepts it. Better yet, please make a selection from the casino sites enlisted on our platform, as we present some of the best AstroPay casino sites around.

There are also a number of factors that you must consider when scouting for the best astropay casinos. Find out if your selected online casino is operating legally and is licensed by a reliable licensing body such as the curacao gambling commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, among other trusted jurisdictions.

Casino Regulation Organizations

This information is usually available at the bottom of the home page of a casino site. In as much as you can fully trust the operations of AstroPay, that won’t help you enough from falling into the hands of unscrupulous casino dealers.

Also, remember despite AstroPay being a secure withdrawal and deposit method, your transactions will only be as safe as the casino site’s cashier. The best online casinos employ some of the most advanced encryption technology, including 254-bit SSL data encryption.

The casino sites also have an https:// with a padlock which signifies a safe and secure web activity. Other aspects that you should consider include the bonuses offered by a casino site, their game selection, and customer support.

What is Astropay?

Well, AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card most commonly used to top up online casino accounts and online shopping. It is available in two forms; a prepaid card and an account. It is specially designed for optimal security such that it comes with a 16 digit code which becomes invalid once used.

AstroPay comes in as an instant, real-time, and simple payment method that supports multiple global currencies. It can be utilized to make both deposits and withdraw money, thus eliminating the need to use two different payment options.

Astropay card works more or less the same as debit and credit cards; the only difference is that, unlike the others, you don’t need to visit a physical bank to acquire it as everything is conveniently done online.

Mobile Casino Days
Casino Days accepts Astropay

Because of the convenience AstroPay cards offer, more and more astropay casinos continue to emerge. Today, AstroPay is considered one of the fastest-growing digital payment solutions in the gambling industry. This can be primarily attributed to the fact that it facilitates anonymous gambling transactions without charging any transaction fees.

Having mentioned earlier that astropay is a virtual prepaid card, it somehow behaves like an online voucher card or a virtual debit card that can be loaded with cash without having to link it to the user’s bank account.

Upon purchasing this virtual card, it will come with a preset amount of funds alongside a unique 16-digit code which you must enter to access the funds. Also, it has a specified validity period within which it can be used, after which you must purchase another one.




Unlock Online Casino Bonuses with AstroPay

Using your AstroPay card or AstroPay account on online casinos that accept astropay deposits allows you to unlock many great bonuses. For instance, when you join a new AstroPay online casino, you will be rewarded a bonus as a reward for signing up.

The welcome bonus is just peripheral; top astropay online casinos offer a whole lot of bonuses. These bonuses are aimed explicitly at boosting players’ bankroll, ensuring they get to enjoy online gambling and win your loyalty just like any other business would wish.

However, the different bonus varieties on offer for starters can get confusing and overwhelming. Because of this, we have helped pick out the best for you with their essential details to help you navigate, which will be presented in the next subtitles. Compared to other sites, this site guarantees you some of the best bonuses around.

Fantastic Welcome Bonus-Great For Beginners!

The welcome bonus is the first type of bonus you will come across in the best AstroPay casinos. This type of bonus is usually rewarded to players who register at a casino site for the first time. It can come as a combination of a first deposit bonus and free spins, or either or any other freebies available on the platform.

Bonus Casino Days

Like any other bonus, the welcome bonus usually comes attached with wagering requirements that must be met before you can make a withdrawal. Be sure to go through the fine print to be on the know-how. Lucky for you, the sites we present to you offer some of the best welcome bonuses.

Enjoy the Best Free Spins Around

The free spins is yet another popular casino bonus you are more likely to come across on more best online casinos that accept AstroPay as a payment method. Free spins are habitually a spinner’s favorite; these casinos regularly hand them out to punters.

They can come bundled up in the welcome bonus package, with most deposit bonuses, or some sites will even give no deposit free spins allowing you to enjoy real money spins without depositing any money.

Free spins bonuses can also be given on select online slots and video slots from a specific provider. In such cases, they usually need to be spent within a few days, after which they become invalid. Be careful not to miss out on the terms and conditions attached to the free spins.




Understanding Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements refer to the terms and conditions applied to bonuses dictating what a punter must do before they are allowed access to their winnings. They usually dictate the specific amount of money that a player must bet, and they typically work differently for each type of bonus. When calculating your wagering amount, this simple formula will go a long way:

(Bonus amount)*(Wagering Requirement)=Total Bet

Although most punters hold the belief that wagering requirements exist as a ploy by online casinos to make more profit from the players, that is not actually the case. These requirements have been put in place as a compliance measure with anti-money laundering regulations.

In the absence of these playthrough requirements, it would be easy for money launders to clean up illegal money. It would be as simple as just making a deposit and then withdrawing right away.

In order to beat up the wagering requirements, you must carefully go through the terms and conditions of your preferred AstroPay casino and be well conversant with them. Here, you will find the wagering requirements of different games, which should be clearly written. If you need further clarification, you should never hesitate to contact customer support.

Bonus Duration

Bonuses offered by online casinos can be a great way to make the most out of your bankroll and enjoy online gambling. However, it is always important to consider the validity period of a bonus, that is, the duration through which a punter is allowed to make use of the bonus and fulfill the conditions put in place before the bonus expires.

Do not wait and play right away

Astropay casino bonus rewards can come with a validity period ranging from a few hours up to 90 days. Bonuses with a short validity period will push you to increase your stakes and bet more than you would normally, thereby increasing your risk of losing.

As an illustration, it beats logic to get a bonus reward of 200,000 Indian Rupees but only have access to it after playing 60 times in 24 hours. Before you can settle for a casino bonus, be sure to choose one that offers a reasonable time frame that will allow you enough time to wager through the requirements.

Minimum / Maximum Bet on a Bonus Explained

The bet limits rule is often confused with being the same as the bet limits within a game, which is not usually the case. The minimum/ maximum bet rule in a casino bonus overrides the usual bet limits you will encounter in casino games.

It usually operates under a very simple principle; you cannot bet lower than the stipulated minimum amount or wager higher than the maximum limit when playing with the bonus money.

In the event that you breach this rule, you will lose your remaining bonus amount and whatever you had won from bonus play. Different casinos have different house rules regarding the minimum/maximum bet limits. On that account, you should go through the casino’s fine print if you want to play safe.

For high rollers, the be limits can be tricky because most online casinos usually cap their maximum bet at a small figure, say 500 Rupees. Well, in this case, you can use this bonus amount as a warm-up before you can fully flex using your AstroPay account or AstroPay card.




Maximum Withdrawal Amount – What’s it All About?

Online casinos accepting AstroPay are a top pick for most online punters, owing to its efficiency, discretion, and ease of use. Whether you are a novice player or an experienced player, information regarding the maximum withdrawal amount should not be ignored. Different astropay online casinos have different maximum withdrawal amounts depending on their financial position.

Depending on the AstroPay casino you have chosen to work with, you will be allowed to withdraw only up to a certain amount of money either daily, weekly, or even monthly, depending on the casino. Maximum withdrawal amounts have been put into place to help maintain the casinos’ cash flow. If punters were allowed to carry out withdrawals as they please, top online casinos would run out of business.

If the maximum withdrawal limit is top of your concern, you should consider playing in an online casino offering the highest possible withdrawal amount that suits you best. You can also try out a bitcoin casino that accepts AstroPay, as most do not have withdrawal limits.

How to Make Deposits Effortlessly With AstroPay

The deposit process often kicks off with you opening an AstroPay account or purchasing an Astropay card, which is just a virtual prepaid card. To purchase your AstroPay card, you can either visit their website or download the mobile app, then register for an account. You will be required to fill in a few personal info such as your name, date of birth, and phone number, which will be kept between you and Astropay, so don’t fret.

Find the “Buy Cards,” then click on it to choose the amount you wish to deposit, then follow the instructions provided on the payment method to top up your card. Astropay supports a number of online payments like google pay bank transfers, so finding convenient payment methods shouldn’t be a problem.

Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation with details such as your card number, a CVV number alongside a unique 16-digit code, and an expiration date-details you will need later on when making a deposit to play casino games using an AstroPay prepaid card.

Homepage 22Bet
22Bet Casino accepts Astropay

Let’s look at how to deposit at AstroPay online casinos using both deposit methods, the AstroPay card, and the AstroPay account. The first thing you should do is register for an online casino account with any gambling account providers using Astropay as their preferred payment method. Most Indian casinos accept Astropay as a payment method, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

After you have signed up for an online casino account, your next task will be to visit the cashier’s tab. Click “Cashier,” then scroll through the list of supported payment options to find AstroPay payment method. Select “AstroPay,” then enter the amount you wish to deposit. AstroPay casino payment method works very similar to any other virtual debit card or credit card.

After entering the amount, you will be prompted to enter data such as your card number your unique 16-digit code alongside its expiration date. Finish off by clicking “Deposit,” and it will be a done deal! You can now proceed to enjoy your favorite live dealer games or any other AstroPay casino games.

How to Instantly Make Withdrawals at AstroPay Casinos

In the event that you land a big win on jackpot games or your favorite games, and you want to make a money transfer from an AstroPay casino to your AstroPay card, you will first need to confirm with the gambling provider if you can withdraw money to an AstroPay card or an AstroPay account.

The withdrawal process is more or less the same as the deposit process. After you are logged in to an AstroPay online gambling account, navigate to the cashier’s tab and select “Withdrawal” to see the available options you can use to withdraw money, then choose “AstroPay.”

You should then enter the amount you wish to withdraw, bearing in mind the withdrawal limits set up with the AstroPay casino. You can choose to withdraw in whichever currency you choose; AstroPay casinos support multi-currency withdrawal options.

You should receive a withdrawal confirmation via email or SMS, enter the verification code sent to you then click “Confirm” to complete the request. That’s it! Your money transfer should be able to reflect on your AstroPay virtual card or account within minutes.




Win Free Spins Everyday


Reasons Why You Should Use Astropay

Online gambling platforms are fast-growing, hence the need for a safe, secure, and reliable payment method that is more convenient for punters to use. Most casinos in India are moving with speed in response to their client’s need for a more secure payment service.

They continue to incorporate AstroPay direct payment method in their platforms. This move by Indian casinos has led to a surge in AstroPay casinos in India and beyond. Let’s dig into some of the reasons why you should be using an Astropay prepaid card; you will realize you’ve been missing out on a great deal and that AstroPay casinos are the way to go.

It Offers the Highest Security Possible

AstroPay cards are designed with high security on the internet. It comes with a 16 digit disposal card code which becomes invalid once you have used it. Therefore, it becomes impossible for someone else to use your card after you have used it.

Focus on fun and don´t worry about security

With this card, you do not need to share your personal information with the AstroPay casinos if you want to transfer money, just like with other online banking methods. This makes it impossible for your personal info to be used by ill-intended third parties.

As earlier mentioned, AstroPay is among the fastest-growing payment solutions used by punters to gamble online. Its popularity can be attributed to its ease of use, simplicity in integration, and ability to support multiple currencies.

Its popularity allows users to play both mobile casino games and live casino games. Besides, wagerers enjoy minimum deposit bonus like free spins and other varieties like they would in any other live casino.




Win Free Spins Everyday


It’s Super Easy to Use

AstroPay offers a payment solution that is straightforward to use. With Astropay, you don’t need any special skills or experience to use it to transfer money. It comes with effortless step-by-step instructions that are so easy to follow. Also, it is readily compatible with mobile casinos such that you don’t have to use a PC to play at your favorite live casino or enjoy your free spins.

Many Indian Banks Have Partnered With AstroPay

AstroPay has partnered with many banks across India, making it easier for punters to make deposits and process withdrawals conveniently and safely from a single integration. This partnership has also made it effortless for bettors to carry out gambling transactions and handle bank transfers without sharing their personal information with any third parties.

AstroPay is the single most popular mode of payment in the country compared to any other international credit card. Tapping into this popularity will put you on the safe side as a gambler in India.

Casino Entertainment

You will be able to benefit from all the goodies that come with owning an Astropay card, such as live casino bonus, free casino games, minimum deposit bonus, and free spins that they give to players from time to time as part of their loyalty program across Astropay casinos.

Many Online Casinos in India Accept this Method

Shopping for online casinos that accept AstroPay shouldn’t be so much hassle. Most casinos in India accept it and use it as a preferred payment method. Using it for your deposits and withdrawals while playing at online casinos is more convenient compared to any other payment method.

Pros & Cons of AstroPay

There are various pros and cons associated with AstroPay that we will look into in the following paragraphs. Read on to become well-versed with them.


  • Astropay ensures a swift money transfer online without compromising your personal information.
  • Astropay’s deposits and withdrawals support multiple currencies without charging additional fees, making it a more convenient solution for online gambling transactions.
  • Most casinos in India offer incentives to players such as the minimum deposit bonus, free spins, among other freebies across mobile casinos for using AstroPay cards.
  • It is highly secure, making it difficult for hackers to crack.
  • It is highly simplified and user-friendly.


  • Although widespread, a few countries still do not support this mode of payment.
  • AstroPay is yet to incorporate all currencies in its pool of supported currencies.

Are There Alternatives to Using AstroPay Payment Method?

Yes, there are several alternatives to AstroPay that you can consider. The paragraphs below present some alternatives that compete fairly with AstroPay casinos.


Logo Paypal

PayPal is a payment method that also offers a safe and secure online payment experience. After creating your PayPal account, you’ll need to link it to your bank account, debit, or credit card. After that, you can use it to make payments and withdrawals online on all gambling platforms that accept it as a payment method.


Logo Neteller

Neteller is used as a virtual money transfer service used to deposit and withdraw funds in many online trading platforms such as casinos, forex trading platforms, and other similar sites. Its niche is in gambling transactions, and about 95% of the firms’ revenue is believed to be from the gambling industry.

High-rollers using this card are usually considered for premium membership named “NETELLER VIP.” It comes with attractive perks such as lower transaction fees, earning cashback on transfers, increased transfer limits, and free prepaid MasterCard.


Logo Skrill

Skrill is an e-wallet that boasts speedy online betting transactions that are exclusively smart and discrete. It is among the most popular gambling payment service providers in India. It allows players to send and receive money with minimal transaction fees, which is one of the reasons why it is considerably popular in India.

Users’ personal data and transaction information on Skrill is secured by complex 128-bit SSL encryption making it nearly impossible for hackers to gain access. What’s more, it also comes with an additional 2-factor authentication process to further secure your skrill account.


Logo Paysafecard

Most best online casinos accept Paysafecard as a mode of payment. Paysafecard is a prepaid payment solution that can be purchased from all the sellers listed on their website. It supports deposits and withdrawals and offers a safe and secure option as no banking details are ever shared between Paysafecard and online casino casinos.

It allows its users to maintain anonymity since no credit card or personal info is required during purchase. The maximum deposit per card is also capped at about 7000 Rupees as an additional security measure, such that in the event of fraud, not so much is lost.


It is quite evident that virtual payment cards are gradually becoming the preferred payment option in online gambling transactions, with players such as AstroPay taking the lead role. Thanks to its ability to offer players the highest possible security while at the same time allowing users to remain anonymous.

AstroPay has come a long way with very humble beginnings. It started as an alternative payment service provider in the South American market, offering online payment platforms where household payment solutions were off-limits.

Today AstroPay provides a wide range of attractive benefits for punters across most online gaming platforms that are worth chasing. Our platform hosts various legitimate casinos accepting AstroPay prepaid cards that you may consider trying if you want to avoid the extra legwork that comes with searching for a reliable casino site online.

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