How to Win Andar Bahar in Casino – Best Guide

Andar Bahar is one of India’s most popular card games, and if you like to play Andar Bahar, this article is for you. Several online casinos offer the Andar Bahar game on their casino site and not just Indian players but players from all over the world.

If you are interested in learning the Andar Bahar winning strategy, which will earn you a win, you must read on. This article will tell you about the Andar Bahar tricks that will help you win at the online Andar Bahar at different online casinos. So are you ready to learn the Andar Bahar winning formula?

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How To Find the Best Andar Bahar Sites

Many common Andar Bahar online casino sites will pop up on a simple Google search, but are they worth it? If you plan to invest your money in playing Andar Bahar, you must make sure that you are playing at the best Andar Bahar sites on the internet. Coming up with the best sites takes a fair bit of research and compares several sites’ pros and cons.

Online Andar Bahar Entertainment

The good news is, we have already done the hard work for you. All you need to do before starting playing is to check out the list of Andar Bahar online casinos that we have compiled for you. These are some of the best Andar Bahar casino sites, all licensed and offering great deals on the game. So you can skip the hassle of research and play Andar Bahar right away at one of the sites listed on our website.

Best Tips for Andar Bahar

If you are going to play Andar Bahar seriously in the hopes of making some money, you need to know the Andar Bahar winning tricks. In addition, you must have an Andar Bahar strategy that ensures you have a full grasp of the gameplay.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the Andar Bahar game rules and then use these rules to your advantage. In the following paragraphs, we will offer you some Andar Bahar strategies to help you ace the game and make some serious cash. Remember that this game is purely based on your luck as a game of chance. However, following a good Andar Bahar strategy could improve your chances of winning.

Bet on the Side Where the First Card Will be Placed

The game of Andar Bahar might be based purely on chance, but there are some tricks that you can follow to make sure you are playing smart. One of the tips is to place your regular bet on the pile, where the dealer will identify the first card. To understand this Andar Bahar strategy, let’s go over the game’s rules.

In the game of Andar Bahar, the dealer picks out a card from the deck, which becomes the ‘Joker’ or ‘Trump’ card. If this card belongs to the Black Suit, the dealer will place the first card from the pile on the Andar box. If the Joker belongs to the Red Suit, the dealer will start the game by placing the first card in the Bahar box.

Card Values

It is believed that the pile with which the dealer begins the game has a higher chance of being the winning pile. This means that there is a higher chance that the card matching the Joker card will be in the first pile. This prompts many players to bet on the first pile, where the dealer places the game’s first card.

Therefore, the Joker Card deal strategy is nothing but keeping tabs on which suit the Joker card belongs to. Based on that, you can place your bet on the box where the first card will be dealt. Follow this trick while playing Andar Bahar to increase your chances of winning.

Make Small Bets Only

Andar Bahar is a card game and not a very high-stakes game. If you are playing your first Andar Bahar games at any casino, we highly recommend making small bets during your game. Why? This is because, in a basic Andar Bahar game, you can place only one regular bet and a few different kinds of side bets.

If you bet a considerable sum on Bahar cards and then end up losing the game, then you will incur a substantial financial loss at this casino table game. This will leave you cash strapped for further rounds of the same game and any other casino game.

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A smart strategy is a place of small bets throughout the game, based on the game’s outcome in real-time. For example, you can place a small first bet, and if the winning card is not yet revealed, place a small second bet.

There is also the possibility of placing a mid-game wager, so make sure you divide up your bankroll into small units and indulge in some intelligent gameplay. We highly recommend betting only that much money that you won’t mind parting from, even if you were to lose it all. This is one of the significant tips to follow for responsible online gambling.

Know the Basic Rules & Master the Game

Which pile does the dealer start the game from if the Joker belongs to the red suit? Is the Andar side more profitable to bet on than the Bahar side? What are the different kinds of bets you can place during the game? What is the house edge in this game, and how are the cards dealt? These and so many more questions are important to know the answers to, in advance, before you start to play Andar Bahar.

You have to master this game and know all the rules inside out before you can begin to play with real money. So how can you do that? If you go to any popular online casino that offers this game, chances are they will have a free version of the game as a welcome bonus that you can play without having to bet any money.

By playing the free version multiple times and learning the ways of Joker prediction, you can master the game without the risk of having to incur any losses. Therefore, before you play any casino games, be it this card game or any other game, make sure you make the most of the free versions of these casino games before you bet your own money.




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Benefit from Multiple Sidebets

The Andar Bahar winning formula consists of one major directive – always remember to place intelligent side bets. In the game of Andar Bahar, you can place several side bets such as how many cards the dealer will draw until the matching card is found, Joker prediction side bet, or what suit the matching card will belong to, etc.

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In addition to your regular bet, you can place multiple side bets to increase your winnings and diversify your risks.

One significant benefit of placing side bets is that even if you lose your regular bet, there is still a chance that you might have some success with your side bets and regain some of that lost money back. So this tip is super helpful if you want to play responsibly and ensure you are not placing all your eggs in one basket.

Manage Your Bankroll

When you are playing any game at an online casino, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure you do not exhaust your funds too early on. To ensure success and long gameplay, you must intelligently manage your bankroll. The same advice holds for those who want to win at Andar Bahar.

If you fail to manage your bankroll and lose large sums of money early on in the game, you won’t have any funds left even to try to make money back, that you had lost.

Whether it is live Andar Bahar or an online version, make sure you place your bets intelligently and divide up the funds that you have. Managing your bankroll is the key to success when you play a casino game and you must always take stock of your funds before you start playing.

What Strategies Should You Use? 

While playing Andar Bahar typically, many players apply one strategy or another in the hopes of increasing their chances of winning. These can range from how the cards dealt look or the outcomes of the last few games. Going into this game, you must adopt a winning strategy and carefully calculate the house edge, to improve your probability of winning this game.

Several different strategies exist in online gambling but by far, the most popular strategy is the Martingale Strategy. You must have heard of this strategy in the context of other casino games. It is also a very effective strategy for Andar Bahar and is used by a lot of players both in a live casino and in an online casino game.

In the following paragraph, we will take you through the basics of the above strategy. Remember that this strategy doesn’t tell you whether you should place an Andar bet or a Bahar bet or what side bet to place. Instead, it tells you what kind of money you should be betting at different stages of the game.

The Martingale Strategy Explained 

This strategy first emerged as a strategy for online roulette and remains a popular strategy for that. However, it has proven a very effective betting strategy for other games where the chances of winning are 50/50. As a popular Indian card game with a 50/50 probability of winning, this strategy can also be applied to Andar Bahar.


The strategy dictates that you double your betting amount every time you lose. On the other hand, every time you win, you should return to your starting wager. Simple enough, right? This strategy works for many players who find it helpful in making back the money they have lost and increased their profits. In the following paragraphs, we will take you through some of the betting variations of this strategy, and you can decide if they work for you or not. 

Grand Martingale Strategy 

This strategy is a betting variation of the Martingale concept and can increase your probability of winning. In this strategy, your betting strategy remains the same. However, the only difference is that you add an extra sum of your initial bet amount to your bet every time you lose.

This strategy increases your wager, so you can quickly and surely recover the losses you have sustained during online gambling. This strategy is particularly ideal for those with big bankrolls since you can not just heal your loss but win as if you won 3 rounds of betting.

As Andar Bahar is not a very fast-paced game, you will have enough time to decide if this is the betting strategy that you need to adopt to recover the losses. Take the time you have in between matches to do the math in your head.

Anti Martingale Strategy 

This strategy is the complete opposite of the Martingale-based strategy of playing. In this strategy, the principles of betting are completely reversed. So, every time you lose a game, you should be betting your initial wager and every time you win, you should be doubling your bet.

This strategy is also known as the Reverse of Martingale and is great for achieving big wins. So if this strategy works for you, feel free to use it the next time you are playing the card game, to increase your chance of winning big.

Remember that these betting strategies are not for a single game, but a whole sequence of games that you will be playing at the online casino. As a result, these strategies increase your chance of winning big and sustaining your winning streak.




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The Hot or Cold Strategy 

The hot or cold strategy is another popular strategy used in Andar Bahar but is based more on gut feeling than logic. If you visit a live casino or an online casino, there is a chance that you might find a table showing which side has been winning of late. Therefore, you will be able to see if the Andar side is having a winning streak or the Bahar side.

If you believe in the hot strategy, you should place your bet on the side that is enjoying a winning streak. If you believe in the cold strategy, you will be betting on the side that hasn’t won in a while but that you believe will win soon. You can use this strategy to bet when you play Andar Bahar online, but remember that it is purely based on gut feeling.

Short Summary

In this article, we have given you all the necessary information to increase your chance of winning Andar Bahar. Then, you can visit the list of sites we have compiled for you and start by claiming your welcome bonus. This will offer you an opportunity to play the game for free and get the hang of it.

The tricks and tips we shared with you can be applied at a live casino and of course, online casinos. Your winning chances will be highly multiplied if you follow a good strategy and game. So good luck and get playing!

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