Best Free Blackjack Online 2023

Many online casinos offer free blackjack games with single or multiple decks. Free versions allow the players to learn the rules and try counting cards or other new strategies without losing money. Free blackjack practice is available to both desktop and mobile users and could be exactly what you need to get the hang of this exciting game.

It is worth mentioning that live blackjack games have some of the highest RTP among the most popular casino games, so taking some time to learn how to beat the dealer could help you win real money in the future. 

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Premium Online Casinos for Free Blackjack Games 

Looking for a good online casino with an extensive collection of casino games, including free blackjack games, can be challenging since so many operators are on the market. Players do not have the luxury to try out all of them and test different segments vital for their gambling experience.

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That is when we step in. Our site presents the best website where you can play blackjack online for free and enjoy the secure environment they provide. The choice is yours: American blackjack, European blackjack, or other blackjack variants. So play free games and have some fun!

The Differences Between Free & Real Money Blackjack

The main difference between the real money blackjack games and playing blackjack for free is that you do not have to bet money to play free blackjack games. 

But let’s start from the basics. After checking our list of recommended casinos for online blackjack games and deciding which one you fancy the most, the next step is registering an account. If you want to play free blackjack games, you can head straight to the table games section and select your favorite blackjack game in the demo mode.

Casino Days offers many thrilling blackjack tables

You do not have to wager any money for free play, as you will get free chips to play with. Keep in mind that this also means that you can not win any money or use blackjack bonuses available to the players who gamble for real.

On the other hand, blackjack games for real money require you to make the first deposit after the registration and bet your own funds. Your hand and decisions within a game will decide if you will lose or win money that you can actually transfer to your account with real cash. You can also use a bonus valid for this type of game in real money games and get some extra help on your casino bankroll.

Free online blackjack play is designed more as a tool for learning and fun. Learning blackjack rules, trying out a basic strategy, or getting to know other blackjack variants could get pricey if played with real money. So free games are a perfect way to do all that and have some pastime for free.




How Does a Blackjack Game Work? 

Online blackjack is a relatively simple game. To win, you need to have a hand of combined value as close to 21 as possible (but not over it) or wait for the dealer to bust (go over 21). Blackjack games can be played with different numbers of decks. For example, the lowest house edge has a single deck online blackjack, but other standard decks include 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-deck.

Player´s first 2 cards2345678910A
A+8; A+9
A+3 - A+6
Hit (Draw)
Stand (do NOT draw)

Before the game starts, blackjack players need to place a wager with the chips in the designated area. If you are playing blackjack for free, you will get free chips and do not need to exchange real money.

The dealer deals each player one card face up and themselves. Bettors get an additional card face up in the next round, while the dealer’s second card stays face down. When the first two cards are dealt, bettors have various options on what to do next. We will discuss some of them in the paragraphs below.

Insurance Side Bets: Are They Worth the Hype?

If a dealer’s hand has an Ace as the card up, the gamblers get a chance for an additional side bet known as insurance. You bet that the hole card (the one face down) is worth ten points and that the dealer has a blackjack. The payout odds of the insurance bet are 2:1, which can help you get even money if your hand loses.

Strategy Type
Betting Correlation
Playing Efficiency
Insurance Correlation
Ease of use
Compromise Indexes
Suit Aware

These side bets are pretty risky. You should be experienced in card counting and confident that there are many cards valued as ten in the deck to place such a wager. Free online blackjack games also offer an option to place insurance bets. This is a safe way to practice blackjack side bets, try to count cards, and see how it works.

Split: Separate Hands for an Extra Chance for Blackjack

The splitting pairs option is available in most online casinos offering free blackjack games. When a bettor opts for a split, he got two cards with the same rank in the first hand. It can be two Kings, two Aces, two nines, or any other. In the case of splitting, these cards are treated as individual hands, and the player has to place one more bet in the same amount as the original wager.

If you split Aces, you will get only one more card for each hand and can not draw again. Splitting is recommendable when a player gets two Aces or two eights, and you should not split if you get a pair of nines, tens, fours, or fives. Nines and tens make a great initial hand and offer great chances of winning. Nevertheless, always be aware of the dealer’s cards and his next move.

Double Down: Double Your Bet for Bigger Profits

Most variants of online blackjack give you the option to double down only when the total value of your initial hand is 9, 10, or 11. However, some will enable you to double down whatever the total may be.

A bettor places an additional bet of the same value as the original wager (doubling his initial bet) in a double down. A live dealer then deals the player with only one card face down, and its value is revealed only when the hand ends and all the bets are settled.

Blackjack rules in some variants allow doubling down after a split, which does carry additional risks, but it also means more profit. If you get a pair of tens, and the dealer’s upcard is three, four, five, or six, it may be a good basic blackjack strategy first to split the pair and then double down, aiming for two blackjacks.




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Card Values: The Essence of Playing Blackjack Online

Since online blackjack is based on total points in a hand, it is crucial to know the value of each card. 

  • The numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are counted as their face value
  • Jack, Queen, and King bring ten (10) points
  • Ace can be valued as one (1) or eleven (11), depending on what is better for the player at that moment

The total value of the player’s and dealer’s hands affects the outcome of the blackjack game.

  • If a player gets 21 or lower value than 21, but higher than the dealer’s, the player wins
  • If a player gets 21 or lower and the live dealer goes over 21 (bust), the player wins
  • If a player gets a hand lower than 21 and the dealer has a higher score without going over 21, the online casino wins
  • If a player busts (goes over 21), he loses automatically, no matter what the dealer has
  • If a player and a dealer have the same valued hand, it is called a push, and the player gets his wager back 

Live Dealer Blackjack: Checking for 21

Both American blackjack and European blackjack have a process of checking for blackjack by a dealer. Live dealer games are broadcast via HD streams, and you can see two different rules for checking the blackjack. 

European blackjack uses the so-called “no peek” rule where players can split or double down their hand before the hole card is revealed. In American blackjack, the dealer will look at the down card before he deals with any additional cards. If the dealer has blackjack, he will show it to everyone and take all original bets.

Hands in Blackjack: What to Look For?

When you play online blackjack, you can be dealt two types: a soft hand or a hard hand. The difference is that hard hands do not have an Ace at all or have an Ace that must be valued as one; otherwise, the total would go over 21.

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Enjoy mobile blackjack entertainment

Depending on the combined value of the player’s initial two cards, he can choose different playing options. The best blackjack hand a person can have is a combination of an Ace with a card valued as ten (10, King, Queen, Jack). This combo is automatically counted as 21 and is known as Natural

Ending the Game of Blackjack

Real money blackjack and free bet blackjack games can have four (4) basic outcomes. If a player gets a blackjack or has a higher value hand than the dealer, he wins the game. However, if you draw more cards and their combined value exceeds 21, you lose (bust), and that round is over for you.

A push stands for when a player and a dealer have the same total hand value. In this case, nobody loses or wins, and the player can leave his bet for the next game, change the wager amount or take his money and leave the table. The last option is to surrender in the versions of blackjack that allow it and give up half your wager.

Technical Requirements 

Most players want a smooth casino experience without technical issues. Although casinos invest a lot of money in keeping up with the technology to provide the best surroundings, there are some requirements that gamblers have to meet.

Number one is a stable internet connection that will enable effortless gaming and HD casino streaming. If you can, use a LAN cable to connect instead of using a wireless network, or make sure that you close all background processes and are the only person connected to the Wi-Fi to maximize the quality. Having a modern device (desktop or mobile) is also essential and can highly affect the game when playing online.




Top Tips for Blackjack Play

In the following paragraphs, we will share with you some of the best advice we have learned during the years of playing free blackjack and other casino games. If you want to start playing casino games, these tips will help you win more and join other successful blackjack players.

Use a Blackjack Strategy

Free online blackjack games can help implement a new strategy, whether it is an American blackjack play or European blackjack.

Card counting, Martingale system, or just using blackjack charts require some experience, and gamblers can prosper a lot from testing them in the free games first.

You can start with single deck blackjack, grasp the rules, and then select the best blackjack strategy that will assist you in winning the game.

Play Smart

Blackjack play owes its popularity to the fact that the bettor’s decisions can tremendously change the outcome of the game. You as a player have various options on how to act depending on the situation on the table.

To play wisely means to learn the basics before you play blackjack online for real money, manage your bankroll and to play responsibly, and determine when it is time to quit. Even when you play a free blackjack game, act as you would in “real,” live blackjack, and see how it goes.

Why Should You Play Free Online Blackjack Games

European and American blackjack are available on a number of casino websites for free and for playing with real bets placed in several banking options. But if you are just starting with this game, we suggest you start with a free blackjack play. Below we will present reasons you should try blackjack games for free and make them work to your advantage.

Free Blackjack Is Easy to Access 

Thanks to the technology, players can access free blackjack with both single deck and multi decks options easier than ever. Mainly all top online casinos provide demo versions of blackjack and add more games into their gaming library on a daily basis.

Games are available 24/7 and accessible via desktop and mobile, so you can play whenever and wherever you want. To find the best casino for you, check our list of recommended casino websites with free blackjack and blackjack switch play.




20 Free Spins


You Do Not Need Any Cash

Save your rupees for later because you do not need to make deposits when playing free games. It does not matter if a casino has your favorite payment method available, and you do not have to worry about the transaction fees because free versions do not require placing real wagers.

Even if you lose, you do not actually lose real funds but can analyze the strategy used and see what moves would actually work better.

Try Out New Variations Without a Risk 

Starting with a new game can be risky when playing for cash. Every game has its rules and some nuances that make it interesting. To experience all that, gamblers should practice and explore new things.

If you have never played European blackjack or want to try American blackjack play with slightly different rules, you can try it without any risks in the free mode. Double your bet, experiment with different game variations and enjoy without worrying and taking risks.

Test Various Strategies to Find the Best One for You

As we have mentioned previously, using a strategy is crucial if you want to profit in casino games long term. Since this is not a game that depends solely on the player’s luck but also his skills, free games work great for the gamblers who want to put the theory into practice.

You can find a lot of educational materials and explanations of different strategies that can help you master the game here on our website.





Playing online blackjack is not hard, but it requires some skill and a basic strategy to get the most out of it in the long run. In the following paragraphs, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions and hopefully help you find your way around free blackjack games.

Do I Have to Download Software in Order to Play? 

No, you do not have to download any additional software to play blackjack online. A free version of online blackjack in online casinos is available as instant play, meaning that you do not have to do any extra step to be able to play blackjack.

If you prefer playing on a mobile device, you will be happy to hear that a free blackjack game can also be played via a mobile browser or a mobile app if it is available. Just be sure to select a trusted casino that protects your personal data if it has a registration required.

Can I Play with Real Players? 

Yes, you can start playing online blackjack with real players. This option certainly adds a benefit to the game since it enables you to meet other people, see their game style, maybe learn a trick or two. In addition to being a fantastic learning opportunity, free bet blackjack is an excellent source of entertainment and can contribute to establishing new relationships with other players from all around the world. 

Short Summary 

Free blackjack games attract many players because they are simple, fun, easily accessible, and provide a great platform for learning a basic blackjack strategy, count cards, and correct play for when gambling with real money.

It does not matter if you win or lose; free online blackjack will make you fall in love with online gambling and enjoy every minute of it. Play blackjack in one of our recommended casinos and enjoy the best online blackjack games completely free!

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