Best Online Roulette Casinos 2023

Online roulette in India is a very popular game to play. Online casinos provide many opportunities for people to play online roulette. Some will allow you to play a free roulette game where you can test out a popular roulette strategy before playing for real money.

Our site presents some of the most popular casino games, including gambling sites that offer casino roulette. Read on to learn more about where Indian players can play roulette for free and for real money, and which online casinos offer the best and most roulette games.

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Which Online Roulette Games Can You Play?

When you play roulette online, you’ll find that there are many roulette variations, including mini roulette, American and European roulette, double ball roulette and more. The casino roulette variations all have slightly different rules and payout odds, which is why it’s important to understand how the roulette casino works if you want to win real money.

Online Roulette Entertainment

In the following paragraphs, we’ll describe some of the most common casino roulette variations that are offered at online roulette casinos so that you can understand things such as the house edge, whether you’re playing roulette for free or for real money.

French Roulette – The Classic Game

French roulette is sometimes referred to as zero roulette. It’s laid out with 36 numbers (1-36) on the roulette table, along with a single zero. There are also outside bets that you can place on things such as a column bet, on red or black, odd or event, etc.

Where the roulette ball stops on the roulette wheel will determine which wagers are paid out. French roulette offers two unique roulette rules known as the La Partage and En Prison rules. If the ball lands in single 0 two times in a row, the La Partage rule allows you to get a split bet – you lose half your wager on outside bets while the other half is returned to you.

If this happens with the En Prison rule in effect, your real money bets on the outside will be returned to you.

American Roulette is an Integral Part of Many Online Casinos

The house edge is a lot higher in American roulette because there is a single 0 and double 0 in these roulette games. Online casinos that offer American roulette, then, will have roulette table that look a little different than when you play European roulette or other online live roulette games.

Single number
American Roulette Odds
2 numbers combined
3 numbers combined
4 numbers combined
5 numbers combined
6 numbers combined

You will place bets the same way with American roulette play, but the roulette casinos will payout slightly different. Your straight up bet on inside wagers, for example, will pay out 36-1 versus 35-1 for different roulette variations.

Most popular table games that feature American roulette are among the best online roulette sites available. That’s because American roulette is one of the most popular roulette games, along with European roulette. Online casino roulette games that include American roulette will be catering to people from all over the world, including Indian players. It’s a fair game, but it does have a higher house edge.

Enjoy European Roulette

If you’re looking for real money games with a lower house edge, then different roulette games such as European roulette might be for you. When you play roulette for real money, this high quality online roulette game will have be one of the options for you for online gambling. European roulette play is just like that of French roulette. The roulette board will have just a single 0 at the online casino, and so too will the roulette wheel.

European Roulette Payout
European Roulette Chances
Single number

The odds Indian players will get from a winning bet in European roulette will be different than American roulette. With fewer numbers on the inside, the corner bet and street bet, for instance, will have slightly lower payouts than other roulette variants.

Again, this is because European roulette play happens with one fewer number, therefore the odds are lower. The flip side is you are more likely to win at these roulette tables at an online roulette site.

When you’re playing online roulette, you might come across Lightning Roulette, which is a live roulette game that was developed by Evolution Gaming. When you play online roulette live on this game at Indian online casinos, you’ll be basically playing French Roulette with some flair that makes it like a game show.

The live dealer for this live casino game will be spinning a wheel at a real roulette table, with the feed being broadcast to players through the live roulette table feed. The dealer will interact with the players, announcing all the winning real and also initiate what’s called the bonus round.

After all bets are placed in these best live roulette tables, a Lucky Number between one and five will be selected by the random number generator, along with a multiplier amount for the payouts. This could result in the player winning 50x to 500x their bet if the ball ends on that lucky number and if the player has a straight up bet on that number. It’s a great way to get bonus money for playing online roulette for real money.




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Here’s How Roulette Works

When you play roulette online, you will be experiencing the game at an online casino just as you would in a live casino. The online roulette sites will have various online roulette games to choose from, including European roulette and other variations.

Players can place individual wagers on inside bets or outside bets. The maximum bet allowed will be lower on inside numbers, since they pay much higher than outside numbers. Each number on the mobile roulette table will alternate between black and white (for the numbers 1-36). There will either be a single 0 (for zero roulette) or both that and a double 0 (for American roulette), which will both be green.

Then, those corresponding numbers will be on the gambling site roulette wheel, which is spinning. The dealer will spin the ball around the roulette wheel. Wherever the ball lands will determine which wagers are paid out, according to where players placed their bets at the online roulette games.

The Rules of the Game

Whether you’re playing free online roulette games of the best online roulette games for real money, the rules of the game will be the same. When you play online roulette at an online casino, it’s a relatively easy game to understand.

However, there are some specific rules to know when you play at roulette tables so that you can have more success when you place bets at the roulette casinos.

Enjoy online roulette games

Whether you’re playing at a live dealer, for free or real money, it’s important to know the basics when you play roulette so that it’s easier to play at an online casino.

In the following paragraphs, we will describe all the rules for playing online roulette in India. These will help you while you’re playing online roulette at the best online roulette site. These rules go for live roulette, mini roulette and all the other variations available at roulette sites.

Inside Bets – All You Have to Know

One of the most popular online gambling bets at online casino sites when you play online roulette are inside wagers. This pure casino bet is when you place a wager on a single number straight up, on a corner where four numbers come together, or on a line that splits two numbers on the roulette table.

The payouts you get from the roulette casino will depend on where you place your pure casino bet. If it’s a bet on a single number, it will pay either 36-1 or 35-1, depending not he variation of the online roulette for real money game you’re playing.

A split between two numbers will pay half of those odds, and a bet on the corner will be equal to one-quarter of that. All online roulette casinos in the gambling industry will offer these inside wagers with the same odds.

Outside Bets – Simple & Effective

An online roulette casino will also offer outside wagers. These are on more generic wagers such as red or black, odd or even numbers, or first 12, second 12 or third 12 sets. These wagers at an online roulette casino have lower odds than inside wagers, because it’s easier for you to predict correctly on them at an online roulette game.

Online casinos will allow you to make all of these bets when you play online roulette, and many players prefer playing outside because it helps them gamble responsibly.

The odds aren’t as high on outside wagers, but again, it’s easier to come away with a win on every live roulette spin. That’s why many players use it as a roulette strategy and roulette tricks to get smaller wins more often at casino games rather than a big win infrequently when they’re playing at a roulette site.




Benefit from Special Bets

There are also some special bets when you’re playing casino games like online roulette. If you play online roulette, most online casinos will offer some special bets. This could include playing the first 5 numbers on the multi wheel roulette or mini roulette table.

This special bet is only offered on American versions of online roulette, since it includes numbers 1-3, plus both single 0 and double 00 (which aren’t on the European roulette or French roulette wheel at an online casino).

Each online casino may have different special bets that they offer. This is done to try to get people to play different casino games at their live casino. The best roulette site for you will offer special bets if you’re looking for something different from a live dealer site.

Learn a Roulette Strategy

Just like many other games offered at an online casino, there are many different online roulette strategies that have been proven to win. Different players will favor different strategies when they’re playing roulette.

This is one of the best parts about the game. Whether you’re playing with a live dealer at alive casino or for real money at an online roulette game, you can test out one of these strategies to find the one that’s best for you. Here are some of the most common strategies you can use when you play online roulette.

Labouchere Strategy in a Nutshell

This strategy was devised so it works on any even wager in roulette, which means it will work with red or black, odd or even, and 1-18 or 19-36, all of which are outside wagers. Start by figuring out how much you want to win, and then split that up into smaller figures.

If it’s $10 you want to win, you can split that up into 1-1-2-1-2-2-1. Your first wager is determined by taking the numbers on the far left and far right and adding them together (2 in this case). If you win that wager, cross off those numbers in your sequence.

What’s left would be 1-2-1-2-2. Then, do the same thing for the next spin (so your second bet would be 3 in this case). Continue to do this and cross off numbers anytime you win. If you lose that bet, don’t cross anything off, and add that wager to the far right of your sequence. Keep betting this way until all numbers are crossed off.

The Simple Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is the same as the one above, in that it needs to be on wagers that have roughly a 50-50 shot at winning. In this strategy, you will start with a minimum bet and place it on one of the outside boxes. If your bet wins, you just repeat the bet wherever you want with the live dealer.

If your bet loses, this strategy tells you to double your wager and bet again. Every time your wager loses, you will continue to double the last wager and repeat your bet. So, for example, if you bet $10 on black and it loses, your next bet will be $20 on black. If it loses again, your third wager will be $40 on black, then $80 on black, and so on until you win.

The idea here is that it’s very unlikely that the ball will end up not hitting the opposite box over and over at the live casino game.




Fibonacci Sequence

If you’re looking for a way to participate in responsible gambling at a live casino that has online roulette, then the Fibonacci strategy might be for you. Again, it’s a strategy for outside wagers that are basically 50-50 odds.

The Fibonacci sequence is 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610-987.

Start this strategy at the far left. If you win your first wager, simply repeat it. If you lose, move to the next number in the sequence. If you win comes early on in the sequence, repeat it from the beginning. If your first win doesn’t come until further down the line (at the larger bets), go back two numbers and start from there.

So, for example, if your first win comes at 8, don’t start over again at 1. Go back two spots and start the process again at 3. This will keep you close to even the entire time and mitigate your losses.

The Well Known D’alembert Strategy

The D’alembert strategy is similar to the Martingale. The big difference is that instead of doubling your stakes when you lose, you will just add one unit. Let’s say, for example, your initial bet (so your unit) is $5. If you lose your first wager, your second wager will add one more unit so that it is $10. At this point, it’s the same as Martingale.

If you lose that second bet, though, this is where the D’alembert strategy is different. You’ll only add another $5 so your third wager is $15. The Martingale strategy would have you double your wager again, so your third wager would be $20.

Like sports betting, this is a good way to help you mitigate your losses without getting too out of control in case something odd happens on the online roulette game.




Learn About the Online Roulette Software Providers

When you play roulette online, one of the great things at your disposal are excellent software providers that have created some truly exciting and fun roulette games. Most of these providers have created games that can be played on a mobile device, since that is where a majority of online gaming happens nowadays.

You can check out all of these online roulette software providers at various online casinos that are available. We’ll discuss some of these software providers in detail in the next few paragraphs.

Logo Evolution Gaming_1

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers a number of great roulette games, including Lightning Roulette, which was mentioned earlier. They specialize in live roulette games that use live dealers for players to have fun at.

This software providers has developed many different versions of the game that you can check out. They are also known for a multi-camera view for their live roulette games so that you can watch the wheel and the board at the same time, just as you would if you were at a land based casino.


Logo Ezugi_1

Ezugi produced its first live roulette game back in 2018, and they’ve been working on upping their offerings ever since. They are based in Romania, and that’s where their live studio livestreams to players around the world.

They have many different versions of online roulette available, and they cater to people who speak Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Hindi, which is a nice feature. They are one of the most respected online roulette software providers in the world, and their live roulette table games are a lot of fun to play.


Logo Netent

Netent is one of the largest software providers in the online casino industry. They offer many different games that you can play, and many different versions of those games, too. That’s one of the things that helps Netent stand out from some of the other software providers.

They have all the main variations of roulette available through their software, and they have great live dealer roulette that’s easy to play on a mobile device.

Logo Playtech_1


Playtech is a well-known, reliable and trusted software provider of online roulette. If you like to play online roulette in India, then you should consider online casinos that feature Playtech’s games. They have a great live casino as well as traditional online roulette titles that you can play, with all the different variations and special wagers.

Play for Free

If you’ve never played online roulette before, you might want to try free roulette games at first so that you can get familiar with it. There are some online roulette sites that offer free games for you to try. This will allow you to learn the game and how it works, and try out different strategies.

You should just note that you won’t be able to win any real money when you play these free games. You’ll just be playing for credits that aren’t worth anything, as it’s just for fun.




What Technical Requirements Should You Have?

No matter what type of online gambling you’re playing, whether it’s sports betting or online roulette, you should make sure that you have a modern device — either a newer laptop or desktop computer, or mobile device.

This will make sure that everything is up to date, including the latest security. You also will need to have a stable internet connection, as online roulette is a fast-paced game. This is especially important if you’re playing a live casino game, as it will go by fast.

Having modern devices and a stable internet connection will help you enjoy your online roulette experience, and win more money, too.


In the following paragraphs, we will present answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about online roulette. By providing the answers to these questions, we’ll help you understand the game and whether it’s something that you would enjoy playing.

What Do You Need to Play Online Roulette?

If you want to play online roulette, you need to find a trusted online casino first. Then, you need to create an account, deposit money into that account and find the game you want to play. Make sure you have a modern device to play on as well as a stable internet connection.

How Do Players Win?

Yes, players can win playing roulette in a casino. In fact, players win all the time. Roulette has a lot of fast payouts, and you can learn how to win money playing, too. Most players who win will use a welcome bonus so that they have more money to gamble with from the start.

Do Players Really Win Real Money Playing Online Roulette?

There are many legitimate online casinos that feature real money titles. As such, players are able to win money playing the game at trusted casinos. You can maximize your winnings by using a welcome bonus to add to the money in your account.

Yes. Indian players are allowed to play online casino games. The online casino that you choose just has to be licensed to offer gambling online to Indian players.

Do You Need to Download Software to Play Online Roulette?

No. While you would have the option to download software such as a mobile app or desktop software to play, many casino operators will allow you to do instant play. With this, you’ll just go to their website, login and start playing right from your web browser.

Is American Roulette the Same as European Roulette?

These two versions are very similar. The main difference is that American has a single 0 and double 0, while European only has the single 0. This changes the payouts of the inside wagers slightly, because there are 38 total numbers in the American version and 37 in the European version.


Online roulette is one of the most popular casino games around. It’s why so many software providers have created so many different versions of the online game. While it’s a very simple game to understand, there are different rules you need to know and different strategies you can employ.

Follow our guide above, and check out our expert reviews of various casino operators that offer the game. That will help you get started and save you from spending too much time doing research on your own.

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