Top 10 Casino Bonuses for India

One of the best parts about online casinos are the online casino bonus that they offer to players. There are a number of different types of casino bonuses, from bonus money to a sign up bonus to a reload bonus to a deposit bonus to free bets. All of these are great ways for casino players to take advantage of casino promotions so they can have more fun at their casino site.

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Best Online Casino Bonuses

Our site presents the best casino bonuses for new players and players that already have an account at an online casino. Our experts have put in hours of research into every casino bonus in India so that you don’t have to scour the internet to get that information on your own. We present you with all of this information on our site, which is why it’s not necessary for you to check it out anywhere else.

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Most online casinos will provide a welcome bonus, but we don’t stop there. We take a look at every best casino bonus that’s available so you can maximize your online gambling winnings. So, whether you’re playing at live casino games, sports betting or anywhere else on gambling sites, we will detail to you the best online casino bonus that’s out there.

The Most Common Casino Bonuses

There are so many casino bonuses available that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of. One casino bonus is great, but when there are many, that’s even better. In the next few paragraphs, we will describe to you every common casino bonus, from a deposit bonus, to a welcome bonus, to bonus cash and free spins to reload bonuses and other casino bonuses in India.

Once you have all the information about the casino bonus money, then you’ll be able to maximize your input at the online slot machine game.

Welcome Bonuses (Deposit Bonus) – Deposit & Benefit

The most common casino bonus for players creating a new online casino account is called the welcome deposit bonus. It’s a good casino bonus that every new player should take advantage of. It works as a bonus percentage on the amount of money that Indian players put into their new account at casinos in India.

When you put in 500 Rupees of your own money, for example, the online casino site will match it with 500 Rupees. This then gives you a bonus amount so that you have 1,000 Rupees in your gambling site account as you start.

The bonus amount that online casinos offer will differ on your first deposit, which is why it’s important to read all the wagering requirements that they have. The deposit casino bonuses that are welcome bonuses all only work on your first deposit. There is another bonus deal that works on something other than your first deposit.




No Deposit Bonus – Register & Get a Reward

Some deposit bonuses don’t even require you to make a first deposit at all. These are called no deposit bonuses, since they are given without the wagering requirements of having to deposit money into an account. This is basically free money you can use, though it might be a free spins bonus instead of actual cash in our account.

The no deposit casino bonus is typically used to have players try slot machines that are either new or slot machines that they haven’t played before. The online casino may want to push new slot games, and so they offer a free spin bonus to all players, with no wagering requirements that they have to make a new deposit.

Our site will list all of the online slots that have this best casino bonus so that you can take advantage of offers such as 200 free spins or free spins 100.

Cash Back (Rebate) – What`s it all About

In addition to a welcome bonus, some sites will offer a casino deposit bonus that gives you cash back in your account. This casino bonus works like a loyalty bonus, and rewards casino players with real money back in their account every time they play a slot game or table games.

The bonus wagering requirements are limited here, as it just requires you to be playing casino games at their site. Then, you’ll be given basically bonus winnings in your account in the form of cashback bonuses.

Sometimes, these loyalty bonuses are a great way to lure new players into their site. It’s great to have a cashback bonus, because that means you’re getting great cash bonuses every time you play online slots, for example.

Our site will detail every casino planet that offers a cashback bonus, as well as the bonus wagering requirements that would go along with these awesome bonuses.




Win Free Spins Everyday


Refer-a-Friend & Receive a Bonus

Many online casinos will have a bonus offer where you get bonus spins or a live casino bonus when you refer a friend to their site. This is a free bonus, basically, as you don’t have to do anything at all except tell someone else about the site you are using.

The biggest online casinos will provide you with either a unique bonus code that you can give to your friends or an online form to fill out with their information. Then, when they make a minimum deposit at the site, you get one of the best bonuses around for doing nothing.

Loyalty Bonuses – Show Your Loyalty

Some online casino bonuses are set aside for the most loyal of customers. These are given out as more than just a welcome bonus, but rather are casino bonuses that are given to keep Indian players coming back for more to deposit additional funds of their own money.

Some of the best bonuses in the online casino industry are the VIP offers and reload bonuses. We’ll describe them in detail in the following paragraphs, including the casino bonus terms, so that you don’t have to find casino bonuses like this on your own.




Reload Bonuses – Continue Gaming & Get a Bonus

Reload bonuses are some of the most lucrative bonuses you can get to play your favorite casino games. They work just like welcome bonuses, in that they are deposit bonuses that are given as a percentage of how much money you put into your account. These reload bonuses are given for any deposit you make after your first deposit, which is unlike a welcome bonus.

Many of the wagering requirements and minimum deposit amounts are the same, though. It’s one of the best online casino offers because it gives you more money in your account even after you take advantage of a great welcome bonus.

VIP Offers – Only for Special Players

Other casino promotions include VIP offers that are given to some of the most valued Indian players. Among all casino bonuses, these are given to players who risk the most money at casino games and take advantage of another casino bonus in India. You may get deposit bonus free spins that are more than just the normal free spins given to other players.

The wagering requirements really depend among gambling sites, though they shouldn’t have anything to do with just your first deposit. Our site will present the best VIP casino bonuses that are offered, and will detail the wagering requirements.

Sometimes, an online casino will have a bonus offer that’s a no sticky bonus that must be used on a certain game. The bonus wagering requirements here will be just that you use the 20 free spins at a specific casino game, for example.

Screenshot Book of Ra Deluxe

If you get 20 free spins, for instance, the only wagering requirement might be that you try a new video poker game or on other specific slot games. Gambling sites use this type of online casino bonus to try to get players to try a new game or one they think they might like.

Device Bonuses for all Android, iOS, Realme, Redmi & More

Similarly, this casino bonus in India is given out with the wagering requirements that it be done on a specific device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This online casinos offer is meant to get people to try people to play at casinos in India from a mobile device.

Sometimes, you’ll need bonus codes to meet the wagering requirement, and the live casino will also check to make sure you’re playing on a mobile device. Our site will recommend casino bonuses like this throughout our pages as one of the types of casino bonuses that you can take advantage of.

How to Claim a Casino Bonus

It’s great to be offered a casino bonus, but you have to make sure that you’re following all of the wagering requirements that the online casinos have. Most online casinos will lay out these wagering requirements for you, and you have to make sure to follow them.

If you want free money, free bets and a no deposit casino bonus, for instance, you’ll have to follow these easy steps. Then, you can get started playing with the casino bonuses in India at slot machines, sports betting and many other types of titles.

Step Nr. 1 – Choose a Site

The first thing you need to do is choose a casino site that offers the best casino bonuses. We’ll provide you with the best casino bonuses that are available to you, including welcome bonuses, a deposit bonus, bonus cash, 200 free spins and a sign up bonus.

From this list, you can choose which sports betting or online casino site will be best for you, and which reload bonus, free spins bonus or sports betting bonus is right for you, so that you can have fun with your live casino free bet.

Step Nr. 2 – Create an Account

Once you’ve selected a site and can meet the bonus wagering requirements, it’s time to create your live casino account. To do this and get your bonus spins, you’ll need to provide the gambling site with all of your basic information, including an email and create a password. Once you have this all entered, you can work your way to the next step, which deals with real money.




Step Nr. 3 – Make Your Deposit

To qualify for your deposit bonus, you’ll have to put real money into your account. This will require you to connect a financial account to your casino account to get your bonus amount. Most casinos will allow you to deposit real money using credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrency. To get your bonus money, you’ll need to deposit real money into your account using one of the methods the site provides.

Choose Your Casino Bonus

You may have a choice on which deposit bonus you choose. You could get 200 free spins, 100 free spins, sports betting bonuses or another bonus amount. Most times, you’ll have to choose just one as your welcome bonus, or just get the deposit bonus they offer. You may have to enter a specific code to get your free spins 100, and then you can start enjoying your bonus money after you complete the whole process.

Bonus Conditions – Fulfill Them All

Every best casino bonus will come with some wagering requirements. The online casino will set certain conditions that a player has to comply with before they can fully take advantage of the welcome bonus or free spins that they’re offering.

These free spins 100 will be given in full, but every player has to meet these wagering requirements before it’s released to them.

They have to do with minimum deposits, time and even what slot machine the person plays. We’ll describe in more detail what some of the main wagering requirements are in the next few paragraphs.

Wagering Requirements

Sometimes, the bonus amount is based upon the wagering requirements of how much a person wagers. The bonus amount, in fact, might be decided based upon how much the wager will be.

A live casino free bet, for example, might be up to a certain bonus amount that’s based around how much you deposited into your account, or how much you average in your bet. The casino bonus could have other wagering requirements that are based upon what the limits of the particular game are, too.

Time – Don´t Wait to Long

Another wagering requirement is how much time you need to use the reload bonus that’s given to you. In many cases, the wagering requirement is that the free spins, welcome bonus, deposit bonus or other casino bonus is used within 14 or 21 days of it going into your account.

Regardless of where you use the 100 bonus, you’ll have a set amount of time to use it, otherwise, you’ll lose it. Even if you have 20 free spins in your account, then, if you will lose all of them if you don’t wager them within the wagering requirement time.

Game Selection – Pick the Best Games

Another common wagering requirement is what games you are allowed to use the free spin at. This is especially pertinent to 100 free spins and other free spins offers. The online casino may limit you to using the 100 bonus at only one particular slot machine.

This wagering requirement is a way for them to get you to try out a specific new game or a specific title that they think you would enjoy playing. It means you’d have to use all your free spins on that one game, and that the free spins wouldn’t be available to use on any other title.

Bet Limits – Financial Boundaries

Bet limits is one of the wagering requirements that you will see most often. Regardless of how much your bonus amount is, you may be limited in the minimum and/or maximum amount of your bet. With the free spins, for example, you may only be able to use it on a slot game that has a lower maximum limit.

The welcome bonus, too, may require you risk a minimum bonus amount, along with the other wagering requirements. Even the best casino bonus will have this wagering requirement on its live casino bonus, welcome bonus and free spins offers.




Maximum Withdrawal Amount

Most online casinos will set a maximum amount that you can withdrawal from your account at one particular time. They also might have a wagering requirement that revolves around how much of your 100 bonus amount you can withdrawal at one time.

The best casino bonus might have a set amount of your reload bonus that you can take out, before you risk it in a certain game. The same goes for your welcome bonus, free spins 100 bonus and any of the winnings you get when you are using them.

Country Restrictions

A casino bonus can only be used if you’re allowed to actually play on the site. There are some online casinos that don’t accept players from India. However, our site will only present sites that accepts players from India.

This means that when you read about a casino bonus, deposit bonus, welcome bonus, reload bonus and free spins on our site, you can rest assured knowing that you would be able to actually qualify for these. This is extremely important, as we don’t want to waste your time by having you read through a lot about great free spins if you can’t even take advantage of them.

Payment Restrictions You Should Consider

Almost all casinos will have only a select number of deposit options. They may even set restrictions on the deposit method you use to qualify for a specific casino bonus such as a deposit bonus, welcome bonus or free spins.

We’ll detail all these restrictions for you so you don’t miss out on a deposit bonus, welcome bonus or free spins just because you didn’t use the proper payment method. Also know that you should be playing at an online casino that accepts the deposit method you prefer.

Duration of depositsWithdrawals available in
Logo Visa_2Within 24 hoursMax. 5 days
Logo Mastercard_2Within 24 hoursMax. 5 days
Logo Skrill_2Max. 15 minutesMax. 5 days
Logo Neteller_2Max. 15 minutesMax. 5 days

Use Bonus Codes

To qualify for a deposit bonus, welcome bonus or free spins, the casino may require you to use a specific bonus code. Not every deposit bonus, free spins and welcome bonus offer will require you to enter a specific code.

However, if they do and you don’t enter one, you won’t qualify for the free spins or deposit bonus, for example. That’s why we lay out for you all the codes that you may have to enter if you are trying to qualify for free spins or a deposit bonus.

Pros & Cons

There are obviously pros and cons to everything in life, and playing at an online casino is no different. When you are making your decision about whether you want to gamble online, and at which casino you want to do it, you should weigh the positives and negatives so you’re making the best choice for you. Here are some of the main positives and negatives to playing at an online casino.

Most Important Pros

  • Can qualify for a great deposit bonus or free spins
  • Can maximize your winnings through free spins to try new games out
  • Can play from anywhere, at any time of day with your deposit bonus
  • Can add money to your account by doing nothing with a deposit bonus
  • Can play unique games that often aren’t available at a land-based casino

Some Disadvantages

  • Might have to meet wagering requirements to get your deposit bonus or free spins
  • Might not be able to use the free spins on the game you want to play

Frequently Asked Questions

The following paragraphs will provide you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about online casino reviews. These will help you understand things like a reload bonus, deposit bonus and what you have to do to start playing.

Can You Claim an Offer Multiple Times?

This isn’t possible when it comes to a welcome bonus, but there is a deposit bonus that can be used multiple times. That’s called a reload bonus. In most cases, you can use a reload bonus as many times as you want, as long as you keep putting more money into your account. 

This is a great way to take advantage of adding more money to your account every time you make a new deposit. You’ll just have to enter the proper code if that’s what you’re taking advantage of when you go to make another deposit.

What are Additional KYC Documents?

Every legitimate online casino will require some KYC documents. One of the main ones is that you will need to verify your ID. You won’t be able to simply enter in your information and then have the online site trust that who you say you are is actually true. Instead, they will require you to upload a document that verifies the information you provide them.

To this end, you’ll have to enter information that’s your correct personal information. You won’t be able to use any fake information, since you’ll need to verify it with supporting documents. Of course, your data is protected, for example through the use of the SSL encryption method.

SSL security

This means you’ll need to put in your real name, real address and real age. Then, you’ll need to select from a list of available verification documents to prove to the site that you are who you say you are.

Only after you do all of this will you be allowed to make a deposit and withdrawal money from one of the best online casinos that’s available to players from India. 

Is One Bonus per House/IP Allowed?

Yes, the online casino you choose will limit their different casino bonuses to only one per household. They will use your IP address to verify where you are when you’re trying to sign up and make the deposit to take advantage of their bonus.

This is a way for them to prohibit the same people from taking advantage of bonuses multiple times. You can use a refer-a-friend bonus to get someone else in your house to try out a new casino, but many of the other bonuses that are available will be limited to only one person per household/IP.

Can I Withdraw My Bonus Money?

You won’t be able to directly withdrawal your bonus money before you reach the playthrough requirement that’s listed on the site. In other words, you can’t simply get the bonus money from a deposit bonus, and then immediately withdrawal it from the site.

That would defeat the purpose from the casino operator’s standpoint. Instead, you may have a 20x, 30x or 40x wagering requirement. Once you meet that playthrough requirement, then the bonus money will be available just as real money in your account, and you will be able to take it out anytime you want to.




20 Free Spins


Are Bonuses Worth it?

Casino bonuses are worth it for so many reasons. For one, they can help you maximize your winnings by giving you more money in your account. They also serve as a way to have you try out new casinos to see if you like them, or new games that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

Screenshot Fruitinator

If you get a free spins offer, for example, you might try your hand at an online slot game that you have never heard of before. Because of the particular casino bonus, you might end up finding a game you love and play a lot. 

How Long Does it Take to Receive My Bonus?

This will depend on the skills of the player. If you are able to play a lot and can win money with your bonus, then you will be able to receive your bonus faster than some others. If you don’t have the same skills or don’t play as often, it will take longer for you to receive your bonus in your account.

The key, again, is meeting that playthrough requirement so that you can get the money out of the bonus phase and into the stage where you can do whatever you want with it.

Are the Biggest Bonuses the Best?

This really depends on what you like to do. If the biggest bonus requires you to deposit a lot of money – and you don’t have that much money – then that wouldn’t be the best bonus for you. Just like a lot of things in online casinos, what bonuses are best are really a personal thing.

What is a great casino bonus for one person might not be great for another person, and vice versa. You really need to see what you like to do and then find the bonus that works best for that.

Our Conclusion

There are many opportunities to take advantage of various casino bonus offers. You just need to find which ones are available at which sites, and understand the different wagering requirements that go along with them. Our site will provide you all of this information for casinos in India so that you don’t have to scour the internet to find them on your own. 

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