Best Teen Patti Casinos Overview 2023

The game of Teen Patti is an all in one card game, that originated in India and has now become a popular card game across South Asia. It takes a little after Poker in the way it is played and the different terms used in the game, but the rules of betting are slightly different. If you have paid any attention during poker, most of the rules of this game will be familiar to you.

If you wish to play this popular card game, you need to know all the different rules of the game. Once you know the different rules of the game, you can play this card game with ease and become an expert. In this article, we will be breaking down the game for you and explaining all the rules. So let’s dive right in.

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Which are the Best Teen Patti Sites?

If you run a simple search on Google, you will find numerous online sites which offer the opportunity to play Teen Patti as the number one card game on their site. However, it would help to make sure that these sites are legit and deliver what they promise. To avoid being roped into any scammy sites, you can directly check out the list of sites we have compiled on our website for you.

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All of these sites allow you to play Teen Patti and are considered some of the best sites for this card game. So if you want to skip the hassle of researching the authenticity of the sites you come across, then directly head over to the list we have compiled for you.

Learn the Basic Rules of the Game

Teen Patti is a simple card game with similar rules as Poker, but there are some differences. You will need to know how this game is played and how the betting starts if you are to participate in a game of Teen Patti. What does a pair mean? How is the winner decided?, which are used in this game and what they mean.

It is a game played by 3-6 players and the bigger the group, the more fun the betting process is. So do you feel like you need a rundown of the rules of Teen Patti? In the following paragraphs, we will explain all the different rules of the game.

What are the Different Betting Rules?

Teen Patti is a game of luck and there is nothing players love more than betting on their luck.. So how do you place your first bet? How does betting influence the rest of the game? To find an answer to these questions, you’ll have to read on. In the following paragraphs, we have explained the different kinds of bets you are expected to place and how you can place them.

You will also find some tips below when it comes to betting, which if you follow, you will be able to play a better and smarter game. So let’s dive right into the different betting terminologies.




The Entry Fee

When the game of Teen Patti begins, the dealer is expected to deal three consecutive cards to each of the players. However, before the game begins, the betting starts already. So before the three cards are dealt, each player is expected to place a bet and create the opening pot for the game.

The dealer will usually collect this boot amount from the players, making for your entry fee into the game. One catch of this entry fee is that it has to be equal for all players, so everyone has to decide the boot amount unanimously.

Players Call

This term comes from the game Poker, and you might already be familiar with how it works. The game has begun and each person has been dealt three cards. You are expected to either remain in the game or leave the game with each round.


When you decide to ‘call’, you essentially say that you want to remain in the game but not place a new bet or raise your existing bet. This means that you will still remain in the game and the pot size will be the same until another player decides to raise. It is a good idea to call in the first round to get a sense of what the other players are doing around you.

What are Blinds?

There are two different ways you can play the game of Teen Patti – as seen or as blind. If you play as seen, you can see your cards before you bet. However, if you choose to play a blind game, you cannot see your cards. You can switch from a blind player to a seen player in the middle of the game but not the other way around.

The betting rules differ for those playing blind and those seeing their cards. If you are playing blind, you have to bet an amount equal to the current stake, whereas if you have seen your cards, your minimum bet has to be twice the amount of the current stake.

Call & Raise in a Nutshell

Now that you have an idea of what call means, you must surely be able to guess what cal & raise means. It is once again a term used in Poker and has filtered into the world of Teen Patti. If you decide to call & raise during a game of Teen Patti, it means that you have decided to not just stay in the game, but also raise the stake.

There are particular betting rules on how much you can raise because the betting has to be equal in Teen Patti. If you are playing a blind game, you have to raise by betting an amount similar to the current stake, whereas if you are a seen player and you decide to call & raise, you will have to bet twice the amount of the current stake.




What Limits Exist in the Game of Teen Patti?

When you are playing a card game, the betting has to follow certain limits. With limits, the rules of betting remain standard for each player, and one player cannot choose to bet more or less than the limit. This ensures that the playing field is level for all the players and the betting is standard.

So are there limits in the game of Teen Patti? Yes, of course! Like all the other casino games, Teen Patti has certain limits as well, and we will describe them to you in detail in the following paragraphs.

The Fixed Limit

In a game of Teen Patti, if all the players decide to play by a Fixed Limit, then it means that you will have to bet 2x of the amount that was placed as the last bet. This limit has to be agreed upon by all the players. To demonstrate with an example, let’s say you are playing a game of Teen Patti with a fixed limit.

The last bet placed by a player is ₹100 and the next player has to place a bet now. If you are the next player, you will have to bet ₹200 as per the fixed limit rules to stay in the game. Your other option is to fold, and then you are out of the game.

Spread Limit – All You Have to Know

You must be familiar with the concept of a maximum bet for other games in gambling. Before the dealer deals the cards in Teen Patti, a spread limit can be pre-decided by the players involved. In essence, a spread is much like the maximum bet in the other games. It is essentially an amount that all the players agree on, which will serve as the highest amount you can raise.

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So for example, if the spread limit of a game is ₹500, then no matter how great your cards are, you can only raise to ₹500. This is a sensible limit to place to make sure the game doesn’t become too high stakes, but if you happened to have the highest card or a pure sequence from the same suit, then it will be a loss for you since the spread limit will restrict you in your betting.

The Pot Limit

To understand the concept of pot limit, let’s look at the following example. Let’s say three players are playing a game of Teen Patti, and they have all bet ₹50 as their entry fee. So the pot size is ₹150 by the time the game begins.

Now the dealer deals the cards, and he can either deal face-up cards or face down. If it’s a seen game, the dealer will deal face-up cards and if it is a blind game, the dealer will deal the cards face down.

Let’s assume this one is a blind game. After the cards have been dealt, the first player is asked to bet. Being a blind player, he has to bet the minimum of the current stake, which is ₹50. He can also choose to place a maximum bet which will amount to the size of the pot, meaning ₹150.

So if player A bets ₹150, the pot size becomes ₹300. Then player B can either bet a minimum amount of ₹50 or a maximum of ₹300. Therefore, the pot-limit allows you to raise up to the equivalent amount of the pot,




No-Limit Games – Should You Avoid Them?

A no-limit game is the wild wild west, and there are no rules that apply to a game with no-limit when it comes to betting. No matter what the players’ cards are, they can bet according to their own strategy and go as high as possible.

There are no limits on how high a player can bet in a no-limit play. This can quickly make the game into a very high stakes game, and that can either be a very good thing or a very bad thing for you. Make sure you know your risk appetite before you agree to play a no-limit game.

What are the Different Teen Patti Moves?

Teen Patti is a game that requires more than three players, and there are different kinds of rules of the game that we have been explaining to you so far. One other important factor you need to know about the game is the different kinds of moves that you can play, which are quite similar to poker.

You will have to make some moves at various points in the game, which you need to be aware of. So whether you have one card that is a high card or you have a straight flush at the table, you should know what the different moves are before you head into this game. So let’s dive in and learn about the different moves you will have to bring to the table.

Blind Play

When you are playing a game of blind play at the Teen Patti table, you will have to accept that you will place your bets without knowing what your cards are. The dealer will deal you your cards face down, and the pint of the blind play will be to make sure you are never aware of what your hand looks like.

So you might have aces and the best hand, but maybe you will end up placing small bets. Or, you might have a poor hand of cards with a low rank but you might get high.

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Therefore, this is a risk associated with blind play, that you are never sure if your betting strategy matches your hand. One advantage of blind play is that seen player have to bet twice the amount of the current stake, whereas blind players only have to bet the minimum amount of the current stake. You can fold at any time and even decide to switch to a seen player if at any time, it gets too much for you.

Play (Chaal Play)

The chaal play is the opposite of blind play, and in this kind of play, the player is allowed to see the cards that he/she has been dealt. While dealing, the cards will be dealt face down by the dealer, but once dealing is complete, you will have the option of peeking at your three cards.

As mentioned before, the game of Teen Patti needs more than two players, so it might be that all players decide to play seen or there is a combination of blind players and those that are chaal playing. In chaal play, you have to bet twice the amount of the last bet played to stay in the game.

You can also decide to quit if you have a weak hand, like in poker. You can win a great deal with this chaal play if you have a pure sequence or the highest card, and accordingly, raise the pot to a major stake. Three consecutive cards from the same suit account for a straight flush, and if you are playing chaal play with face-up cards, you will have an advantage in the betting.

Sideshow, Back Show & Compromise

The three terms sideshow, back show and compromise essentially mean the same thing. Let’s demonstrate what it means with an example. Let’s say you are playing a game of Teen Patti and you want to request a sideshow. After placing your bet, you can request a sideshow or compromise from the player before you.

The player can either accept your request or deny it. If the player accepts your request, then you both will privately show each other your cards. In this scenario, whoever has the lowest cards will fold. However, if both your cards are the same rank, the person who requested the sideshow will have to fold.

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If the player’s hand is great and he decides to deny your request for a compromise, then the game will continue and the next player will have to place his bet. This compromise can only occur between two players at one time, and one player has to request the other.

You have to show your three cards to the other player and they have to show you all their three cards as well. One fun fact of the sideshow is that you can ask for it up to three times, and if you are denied the first two times, the request has to be granted on the third time.

Show Cards

If all but two players have folded their cards, it is time for the showdown part of the game, which we call the show. This means that the remaining two players can now opt to show their cards and whoever has the high card, will win all of the money.

If you win, you win the pot money and then a new game can begin. There are no limitations on the number of rounds that have to be completed before a show. Once all but two players drop their hands, it is considered that all rounds are complete.

Ranking of Hands

It is time for you now to know the ranking of the cards and how they are compared in ranking in the game of Teen Patti. We have compiled an easy to understand list for you below.

  • Trio or Trail – If you have three cards of the same rank, then you have a trio. A trio of three aces is the best hand and a trio of three twos is the lowest.
  • Straight run – If you have three consecutive cards that belong to the same suit, you have a straight run. The highest straight run is A-2-3 and the lowest is 4-3-2.
  • Normal run – A combination of three consecutive cards that do not belong to the same suit is normal. The best normal run is A-2-3 and the lowest normal run is 4-3-2.
  • Pair – A pair is two cards of the same rank. f there is a combination of two cards that belong to the same rank, you have to compare the pair first, and if they are equal, compare the odd. A-A-K is the highest pair hand and 2-2-3 is the lowest.

If combinations do not follow the accepted rules above, you always look for who has the higher card. There may be different types of sequence, you need to know which sequence trumps the other one by applying the ranking rules above.

Short Summary

In this article, we covered many different rules of Teen Patti, which have hopefully helped you understand the game better. We explained how different cards can be compared against each other. what the different ranking rules are, how you can miss a betting opportunity and how you can make the most of it.

Generally speaking, Teen Patti is mostly played in India, but it has become quite popular in other countries across South Asia. We hope you learned enough about comparing a sequence of cards with that of your opponent. Note that the more you pay and play this game, with actual money involved, the more seriously you understand the game and the better you get at it.

If you are looking to pay and play, there are numerous opportunities on the internet. So ace the game and we hope we prepared you well for the showdown. If you were looking for a sign to play this game, consider this your cue!

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