Top 10 Live Casino Bonus 2023

Live casino bonuses are becoming increasingly popular by the day, with many online casinos adopting bonuses and other casino promotions into their loyalty program. This is done in a bid to woe punters into playing regularly.

As much as online casino bonuses may seem like a simple affair, it’s never that simple, especially where the real money is involved. The bonus package is usually wrapped up with terms and conditions, which must be fully met before your winnings are credited. These conditions are specifically designed to limit advantage play. In this article, we will look into live casino bonuses in India, alongside their wagering requirements.

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Best Live Casino Bonus Offers

With the growth of live casinos today, casino players get the chance to enjoy an authentic online gambling experience with a professional live dealer at their convenience and still benefit from attractive casino bonuses.

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Bonuses are a huge determinant that cannot be ignored when shopping for the best live dealer casino. Finding the best bonuses on offer is crucial to both newly registered and existing players. We understand the hassle of trying to find the best bonus package-our site presents the best live casino bonuses accessible to all players in India of legal age.

Live Casino Bonuses – All You Have to Know

Today, live casino bonuses take many different forms; welcome bonuses are one of the most popular bonuses. Others include reload, cashback, and loyalty, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs. Knowing the type of games you are good at or interested in will help you quickly evaluate eligible games instead of just playing random live games.

Welcome Bonus for All New Players

A welcome bonus is a one-off bonus usually reserved for newly registered live casino players. Each live dealer casino has unique bonuses that punters can use to wager on different live dealer games.

Welcome bonuses are just like the standard sign-up bonuses on most online casinos. The bonus amount is usually credited depending on your initial deposit amount up to a specific figure. Although the welcome bonus is offered as a percentage of your deposit, there is a maximum limit to which live casinos will match your deposit. Live casino welcome bonus may vary among live casinos.




Benefit from the Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses work the same way as welcome bonuses. They can be defined as cash bonuses offered to existing players who have credited their accounts from time to time. It is used to entice punters into loyalty to return to wager at the specific live casino.

Newly registered gamers are also eligible for a reload bonus once they have signed up and made a first deposit, where they will claim a welcome bonus.

Once thriving, they automatically become candidates for reload bonuses. The live casino’s reload bonus may be integrated into their overall welcome package, but that depends on each live casino.

Reload bonus can also be used to encourage inactive gamblers, who have credited their accounts but have since gone dormant back into playing live games. Reload bonuses may take diverse forms, including cash bonuses, loyalty points, and free spins, among others.

A cashback bonus is a partial reimbursement of your cash stakes that you get after you have lost in a wager on live casino games. Cashback bonuses are usually periodic, meaning they are not available full-time. Different online casinos offer additional cashback bonuses ranging from percentage cashback, welcome bonus with cashback, high roller bonus, free spins, and revolving cashback offers.

Players can keep playing regularly with a cashback bonus even if they hit a losing streak. This bonus is usually awarded depending on the number of wagers one places on selected games and may differ from one casino to another.

Cashback bonuses are beneficial, especially if you play on a licensed casino. They help avoid huge losses and extend one’s playtime by boosting their bankroll at the casino, increasing their chances of winning. After leisure play, players can also get additional funds to sample different games, allowing them to find a live match they are good at and enjoy playing.




Live Casino Tournaments – Show Your Skills

Sometimes online casinos host live dealer games tournaments with live casino players. Anyone who wishes to participate pays an entry fee in exchange for chips. Players are then allotted a specific time duration or specified number of games to bet. The player who wins the most, in the end, is rewarded.

When shopping for tournaments, you’ll realize you have about three different types of tournaments to choose from, namely:

  1. Prize pot tournaments-Here all the entry fee paid is what forms the prize pot, which will be awarded to the winner.
  2. Fixed pot tournaments- In this type of tournament, the prize money is usually a specified fixed amount known to the participants beforehand.
  3. Free Tournaments-These are leisure plays rewarded by casinos as part of ongoing promotions or loyalty programs. The best online casinos frequently offer tournaments on various live games, including slot games, table games such as casino hold ’em, poker, and blackjack.

Best Loyalty Bonus Offers at a Glance

The loyalty bonus is a casino reward to players who frequently wager on their casino site. It can come in real money, redeemable points, free spins, or even fully paid vacations.

Online casinos reward their loyal players for playing regularly with a loyalty bonus. They use this bonus reward to win their customers’ loyalty and keep them returning. They are often open to all loyal players; however, the rewards will differ if you are a small-time gambler or a high roller.

Poker hands

It is important that players do a little research to settle for the best live casino, which has a highly lucrative loyalty program. Players should also double-check the casino’s wagering requirement to ensure that they are fair enough to meet.

Patrons should also chase this bonus cautiously to avoid being carried away and forget about responsible gambling. It is highly likely for a player to gamble above their budget to pursue a loyalty bonus.

What are the Requirements of an Online Casino Bonus?

As attractive as casinos’ bonuses are, they will not have served their purpose if players can’t withdraw their winnings credited. Therefore, it is crucial that players fully understand CS applies and are well conversant with them.

For instance, if a deposit bonus is advertised indicating you will receive up to 75000 Indian Rupees upon signing up, know that you will only receive the total amount if you meet the stipulated deposit bonus requirements.

There are several online casino conditions a player has to comply with, and they will be presented in the following paragraphs.

Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement refers to the amount of money that a punter must bet before withdrawing their winnings as real money. This amount is usually a multiple of the bonus amount or a player’s bonus winnings.

Your bonus amount is often stored in a separate wallet as a player works towards the set wagering requirement. A player has no access to the bonus amount until the wagering requirements are met. Also, wagering contributions vary among casinos.

Every live casino bonus comes with unique wagering requirements. Failure to meet all your wagering requirements before the bonus expires will mean your bonus will be forfeited.

Bonus Duration – Be Quick

Just like regular bonuses, live casino bonuses also have time limits and ultimately do expire. Top casino bonuses come with stringent timelines; a bonus expires after a specified number of days or months. Most deposit bonuses will have a bonus duration of up to 90 days, but sometimes it is even less; this cuts through different types of bonuses.

Players should be aware of how long the bonus will last before it expires to enable them to determine whether or not they can meet the other live casino bonus requirements within the stipulated time.

If players are looking into chasing a deposit bonus, before making that big deposit, they should make sure they’ll have enough time to work through the wagering requirement, so they don’t end up forfeiting the bonus funds and winnings. Patrons should also confirm the time limits beforehand to allow them enough time to plan adequately.

The Minimum/ Maximum Bet Rule

Welcome bonuses, bitcoin bonuses, free spins are among rewards that come with some sort of elation. Most of the time, patrons get carried away emotionally when they win that they miss the terms and conditions tied to the bonus.

Rules regarding minimum/maximum bet can sometimes get a bit technical. However, a breach of the regulations risks your winning amount and bonus funds in the wallet. Apart from wagering requirements and game contributions, the best bonuses include a minimum/maximum bet rule.

This bet rule simply stipulates that patrons playing with bonus cash should not wager below or above the specified bet amounts. In the event a player breaches this rule, chances are he will lose whatever winnings they already have, including bonus funds. Therefore, it is crucial for players to always abide by the rules.

Country Restrictions Don´t Apply to Users from India

India is a relatively strict country when it comes to gambling, which somehow affects the bonuses your favorite casino offers. However, it is worth knowing the rules before jumping into play at the glimpse of free spins.

Most live casino bonuses come in the form of free spins for slot players and table games fanatics; they are intentionally designed to attract newbies to the site. Players may end up pursuing something that doesn’t exist in a real sense simply because it is prohibited in the country, or the site does not accept players from your country and end up losing their bankroll.

No matter what country you are traveling to, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and find out what they say about country restrictions. Remember that each country has its unique ways of dealing with live casinos and specific bonus eligibility rules. Better yet, you can play at live casinos listed on our site. Our site presents only online casinos that accept players from India.




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Check Out the Deposit Method Restrictions

So you have just signed up at a live casino, and you have been awarded a welcome bonus that requires you to make a minimum deposit. When depositing money, be on the lookout for payment restrictions put in place regarding the accepted deposit payment method that ought to be followed through to avoid losing your welcome bonus.

Some e-Wallets in India are excluded from activating bonuses by some online casinos. Therefore, if you are after claiming deposit bonuses, avoid missing the deposit method requirements; not all deposit methods can be used to activate a bonus. Remember to gamble responsibly.

Use Bonus Code if Available

A bonus code refers to a unique code used in casino promotions, through which players can receive extra bonus funds to play with. Players are usually required to enter this code in specific locations on the online casinos to unlock some bonus reward. They could be free spins or any other bonus type.

For instance, you may be given a welcome bonus with your first min deposit. To unlock this bonus, you may be required to enter a specific bonus code during registration, failure to which your bonus will be forfeited. Bonus codes are usually found in promotional emails and advertisements on casino sites. The upside of using a bonus code is that it may offer a player a better reward than expected.

Play Outstanding Live Games

Live casino gaming is relatively new in the online gambling arena; it is slightly over two decades old. Before 2010, there was very little known about live casinos. The year 2010 saw massive developments that improved these live dealer casinos.

Today, live casinos offer numerous live dealer games that players can wager on. Most casinos present between 20-100 live dealer games for casino players to choose which include most popular games such as live roulette, live blackjack, and poker, among other games.

To enjoy a perfect live casino game, be sure to choose live dealer games offered by renowned gaming software providers such as evolution gaming, pragmatic play, or Playtech. Read on the various live games in the paragraphs below.




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Play Infamous Poker Games

Live poker is a general term used in various live dealer games that are technically based on traditional poker. However, in the traditional poker casino, players usually play against one another, whereas poker is mainly played against the house in live dealer games. Casino hold’em, described as only one player hand discovered in 2000 by Stephen Au- Yeung, is considered the most popular single-hand poker game among live casino players.

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Live casino poker games are equally diverse. Apart from the popular casino hold’em players can also choose from other game variations such as Texas hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Badugi. Before a player can venture into live casino poker, they must understand poker hand rankings to enjoy the game. Live poker offers players a truly authentic gameplay experience that mimics real poker.

Discover Blackjack Entertainment

Blackjack is considered one of the most enjoyable live dealer games in live casinos as well as in brick and mortar casinos. Just like all casino games, live blackjack has a built-in mathematical edge; it is a live casino game with the lowest house edge.

Player´s first 2 cards2345678910A
A+8; A+9
A+3 - A+6
Hit (Draw)
Stand (do NOT draw)

It is also one of the few games where players have some sort of control over the outcome. On every hand, decisions made by players will either increase or decrease their chances of walking away as winners.

To increase your chances of winning, always check the live dealers’ check-up option before you can take any action. It is also advisable that players start small allowing themselves enough time to assess the game to avoid huge losses. If a bonus offer is available, go through the eligibility rules to make the most out of it.

Classic & Modern Roulette Games

Live roulette is just the regular roulette played on brick-and-mortar casinos. It is specially designed to allow players online to directly place their wager right from their comfort zones without the need to travel to the casino.

American Roulette Payout
American Roulette Chances
European Roulette Payout
European Roulette Chances
Single number

In order to play real cash Roulette live casino game, you must have registered with a live casino where in most cases, you will have a variety of roulette tables, each offering different stakes for players to choose from. Be sure to settle for the one that best suits your budget. Players are also advised to have a bankroll management plan to help prevent overspending.

The upside of playing live roulette is that live casino players can decide between a fast-paced and more relaxed (slow-paced) game. Live casino games also present live players with a variety of live dealer bonus.

Play Exciting Baccarat Games

It is believed that over the past two decades, Indian high rollers have almost made Baccarat their game of choice because of the belief that it distinctly blends in well with their cultural preference. Although its betting limits are viewed as high, Baccarat is a simple game. All a player needs to do is decide where to place their wager between the “player” and the “banker” hand, then wait on the live dealer to do the rest.

The key objective of the game is to get as closer to nine as possible more than the opposing hand. In case your cards total above nine, the first digit in the total is dropped, and whoever will be closest to nine wins. There are a fixed set of rules regarding deposit amounts for both minimum deposit and maximum deposit. Being a low house edge live casino game, Baccarat presents very attractive deposit casino bonuses.




Live Casino Bonuses – Pros & Cons

With the growth of live casinos, casino bonuses are abundant among live casino sites, and it is sometimes very challenging for players to settle on a specific provider. However challenging it may be, it is important to do in-depth research on live casino bonuses before signing up. There are several pros and cons related to live casino bonuses outlined below.


  • Can give players a head start

Most live casino bonus today offers you a chance of playing live casino games before you can make your first deposit, just after signing up on the site. This type of bonus is referred to as a no deposit bonus and may take various forms, including free spins.

Novice players can take advantage of bonuses, which are perfect incentives that allow them to smooth into live casino games easily. Players should keep an open mind while pursuing bonuses and also make peace with the fact that they have to spend real money for a chance of getting a return on their investment. Bonuses simply offer players an opportunity of playing with a lower risk of losing too much money at a go.

  • Enable players to explore different types of live casino games

You are awarded additional live dealer casino bonuses on different games when playing at a live casino. This encourages a player to try out many different games compared to when they are using real money to wager.

  • They present a great reward system

Playing at a live casino offers players the best casino bonus. Loyalty is usually highly valued; what’s more, the players get awarded a loyalty bonus that could come as free spins or even a gift voucher.

  • Significantly reduce a players chance of losing too much money

If players wish to win real money in gambling, they must make a cash deposit with their live casino of choice. The more money you wager, the more you may win, and vice versa is also true. Live casino bonuses come in handy for players who want to play safe as they significantly reduce their chance of losing too much money.

  • They allow players to find a live game that they enjoy

Live casino bonuses allow players to play their favorite casino game while enjoying all the advantages that come with it.


  • Difficult terms and Conditions

Winning a live casino bonus is never a walk in the park; they come up with terms and conditions that must be met before players can withdraw real cash.

  • Existing withdrawal limits

Bonus funds usually have a capped withdrawal limit and max redeemable bonus money, which players can not exceed.


Given a chance, we believe every patron out there would have several questions for which they wish to get answers; however, this is far from possible. All in all, we have endeavored to address some of the most burning issues in this review. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions related to online casinos.




Is Teen Patti Available?

Being a popular household card game from India and among the most played online casino games in the country with over 6 million monthly active players, Teen Patti is available in most online casinos listed on our site. Most offer very attractive bonuses and stake contributions with a lower house edge.

You can join a Teen Patti live table with just a few clicks after signing up with any of our listed sites, and you will be ready to start winning. However, it is advisable to gamble responsibly to avoid huge losses.

Which Sites Accept Indian Rupees?

Online casino sites allow you to play almost everywhere. You can always play your favorite live casino gamers whenever you please. Online banking and other online payment methods are constantly growing in India. As such, you can rest easy knowing you can comfortably make your deposits in INR in almost every decent casino online.

Most live gaming providers in India have acknowledged the need for patrons to play in their local currency and have since taken the initiative to incorporate INR in their deposit option.

Are The Games Safe?

You can play your favorite casino game safely at reputable licensed casinos. Most casinos you will find online are safe enough to play at. However, there are also several rogue casinos you will come across. It is advisable for players to do some research before signing up for an online casino.

You can go through different online casino reviews to establish which ones are the best to play at. Punters can also verify the legality of a casino site by checking the regulatory body governing its operations as well as their license provider.


We hope you are now well versed with different types of bonuses alongside the wagering requirements to prevent your bonuses from being forfeited. Sometimes, there is a lot of information about deposit bonuses and wagering requirements that may be too much to comprehend. The good news, our experts have done the legwork for you and provided facts on live casino bonuses, min deposit, and positive expected value.

Our site provides the best casino bonuses available to you and their requirements. Besides, you get to learn about bonus codes, duration, and the top live games. Remember, a good bankroll management plan will go a long way in ensuring you play responsibly.

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