Fun88 Visa Withdrawals – #1 Guide 2023

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Whenever Indian punters are wagering at sports betting and online casinos, they should make sure that they are doing so at betting sites in India that are safe and secure, that offer many different betting options from top gaming providers like Evolution Gaming and that allow for many different ways to deposit money and withdrawal money after you place bets.

Fun88 is by far one of the best online casino betting sites in India, for many of the reasons that we just mentioned. Fun88 India is a great online betting site that offers the ability to play live casino games, slot games and other online gambling options on the betting exchange such as the Caribbean Premier League and the Indian Premier League.

What’s more, they offer great options for deposit and withdrawal options, which includes Visa card. Fun88 India makes it very easy for Indian bettors to make a deposit and withdrawal at their site using Visa.

Below, we’ll dive into all the details that you need to know when betting on e gambling Montenegro sports betting site in regard to Visa, one of the most popular payment methods that is offered at this betting exchange.




How to Withdraw from Fun88 Online Casino Games via Visa

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Fun88 is one of the top betting sites in the world for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are licensed through the UK Gambling Commission. In addition, they offer easy ways to withdraw money using a Visa card that’s either a credit card or connected to a bank account.

If you want to use this payment method to take out funds you won after you start betting on the great decimal odds the Fun88 India betting site offers on horse racing, pre match games involving Newcastle United FC, live bets on ice hockey, or live dealer games offered by Pragmatic Play and others, read our step-by-step guide below.

  1. Indian players who want to take money out of their account that they earned from a welcome bonus to get a match winner through live betting or other options need to first log into their Fun88 account. All you have to do is navigate to the online betting sites homepage on a laptop/desktop computer or through the Fun88 app that’s available for Android and iOS devices, and click on the login button. You’ll use the login credentials you used when you signed up for an account on the site in the first place, which required you to enter your personal details before you could bet online.
  2. Once you’re logged into this online betting site, either on a mobile app on an Android and iOS device or traditional computer, click on the button that will appear at the top of the page labeled “Withdraw.” This will take you to another page on the site to continue the process. You can also navigate to your profile center on the main Fun88 page on the Fun88 app, and then click “Withdraw” where you see it appear.
  3. You’ll now be on a new page that will list all the available withdrawal methods that the online betting sites offer through the e gambling Montenegro platform. All you have to do now is select from the list of withdrawal methods that you want. So, in this case, you’ll select Visa.
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Fun88 Casino accepts VISA
  1. If you used this same Visa card in the past to meet a minimum deposit to qualify for your welcome bonus, your card may have been saved as your preferred payment options, if you gave the site the permission to do this. You’ll see the card listed among the payment options there after you click Visa, with most of the account number grayed out. You’ll likely have to confirm both the CVV number on the Visa card and maybe the expiration date, but you won’t have to enter the full account number again.
  2. Now, enter in how much money you want to take out of your Fun88 account via this popular payment methods. Just make sure that you are meeting the online betting site’s wagering requirements if the money you want to withdrawal came from a welcome bonus or other promotion, and that you meet the minimums that the gaming corporation sets for deposit and withdrawal methods. We’ll dive more into that in a bit.
  3. Read over everything you have entered here and confirm that all of the information is correct. Once you have done that, simply click “Confirm.”

This is all you have to do to initiate a withdrawal request from Fun88 to your Visa card, which is a similar process if you are trying to do so via local bank transfer or other payment methods. Fun88 will now take over from here, as the betting platforms will start to process your withdrawal request to your payment method of choice.

Withdrawal Limits when Playing Online Casino Games

Just about every online betting site will set withdrawal limits, just as they set a minimum deposit amount for a local bank transfer and other deposit methods. This is done in part to protect the online betting operator, and in part to protect Indian players as well.

All of the convenient payment methods that Fun88 provides to players come with withdrawal limits. It’s important that you read and understand these limits, as you’ll need to meet them in order to properly cash out money you won using system bets on Newcastle United, or on other betting markets such as the Indian Premier League, through virtual sports offerings, or on card games or when you play live dealer games. at the live casino.

We’ll further detail the online betting site’s withdrawal limits as it relates to Visa and not all the payment methods that they offer. While you certainly can deposit funds into your betting markets account using other deposit methods, we’ll focus in only on Visa cards in this article.




Fun88 VISA Minimum Withdrawal Limits

Fun88 sets a very reasonable minimum withdrawal limit for Visa cards, which makes it one of the most popular payment methods at the live casino site. The low minimum is only $10, which compared to other online betting sites is quite low.

The great part about this low limit is that it doesn’t force you to build up a huge bankroll on the site before you’re able to take money out to your Visa card so that you can use it however you want. Fun88 doesn’t require you to keep your money in their site for long, and play card games or virtual sports options until you build up enough money to meet their minimums.

Note that if you don’t meet this minimum amount for payouts via Visa, Fun88 will reject your payout request. This applies whether you are making the withdrawal request on a laptop computer or through the site’s mobile app.

Fun88 VISA Maximum Withdrawal Limits

Fun88 also has set a solid maximum withdrawal limit for Visa cards as well. Players are able to cashout as much as $3,000 to their Visa card in a single withdrawal request. Note that this limit applies for a 24-hour period, so you can always request more the next day if you want to.

Homepage Fun88
The Fun88 Casino homepage

Also, if you want to take out more money than that in one transaction, you can try to reach out to the Fun88 customer support team through the live chat feature on their full site or mobile app.

Either way, this withdrawal maximum is pretty solid and isn’t too restrictive for most players. It means that even if you win a large amount betting on the Caribbean Premier League or other betting options using funds you got from a welcome bonus, you’ll be able to take most if not all of it out at once.

Fun88 Sports Betting and Casino Withdrawal Time

Fun88, which is operated by OG Global Access Limited, also offers different withdrawal times based on the payment method that you choose. Some of this is Fun88′ control, while a lot of it isn’t. In other words, how long it takes for your money to get out of your Fun88 account and into your Visa account depends a lot on the financial institution that provides you with the Visa card.

After you filled out all the information Fun88 requires for a cashout request, the site will take over and start processing the transaction. It typically takes them within 24 hours to finish everything they need to so you can get your money. From that point, it could anywhere from five to seven business days for your money to be available in your Visa account. It could take less time than that, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll take between 5-7 business days for your money to arrive.




Payout Charges

The final thing to consider is the payout charges that the betting site passes onto you whenever you make a cashout from their site. Luckily, Fun88 doesn’t charge a withdrawal fee at all when you use Visa — or any other payment method for that matter.

This is great news for all players, as it means you’ll get to keep every cent you earn on their site. Many other sites will charge payout fees that are either a flat fee or percentage of how much you want to take out. Either way you slice it, these payout charges are a direct reduction in the amount of money you’re able to get in your pocket.

The fact that Fun88 doesn’t charge any of these payout fees is great news, and another reason why so many people love the site and using Visa as a payment method at it.

Common Fun88 Withdrawal Problems

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While it’s very simple and easy to withdrawal money from Fun88 via Visa, some players experience problems trying to do so. If you are one of these people, don’t instantly freak out. It’s likely that your problem is common, and that there are some easy fixes that can get you the money you deserve in no time.

If you experience a withdrawal problem at Fun88, the first thing you should do is reach out to their customer support team. They will be able to investigate the issue further for you, and guide you in the right direction as to why the problem is occurring and what you might be able to do to fix it.

Below, we have detailed two of the most common problems that players experience when trying to get a payout from Fun88 via Visa.

Player has not finished verification

Fun88 requires all players to fully verify themselves before they can take money out of their accounts. This goes for Visa and all other payment methods that they offer. If you haven’t finished the verification process, then Fun88 will automatically reject your request.

Luckily, fixing the problem is pretty simply. It’s likely that all you’ll have to do is upload a color copy of your photo ID to prove that it’s actually you who set up the account and is trying to make the cash out, and that you’re not a fraud. The customer support team at Fun88 can provide you more details as to what you need to do to finish the verification process.

Common Problem #2: Bank

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Another common problem is having bank issues. Some financial institutions that provide Visa cards will not allow online gambling transactions to be sent to the card.

This could just be a flat across-the-board policy the bank has. If this is the case, there’s unfortunately nothing Fun88 or you will be able to do to get the money onto your Visa account.

But, don’t worry because you will have plenty of other viable options. All you’ll have to do is choose from one of the other payment methods Fun88 offers to get your money. Many people who experience this problem will go with a third-party e-wallet, as it’s simple and quick to set up an account and get your money.

Fun88 VISA – Summary

Fun88 is one of the best online betting sites in the world, and conducting transactions via Visa is one of the most popular ways to get money into and out of your account. We’ve described all the main details you need to know when you want to withdrawal money from Fun88 via Visa. If you have any other specific questions about the process or your account, make sure to contact their customer support team directly.

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